Quinlan Family

John Quinlan (1760-1841) built a home for his family in 1840 on Waverly Place near Washington Square Park. At the time this neighborhood was on the outskirts of the city.

His son Harrison Quinlan (1799-1860) was a physician and army surgeon. He married Sybille vander Horn after his father’s death. They had two children, James and Margaret. Sybille died of scarlet fever when Margaret was ten.

After the death of his first wife Harrison   married a widow from upstate New York,  Lily Bonner Ballentyne.  In 1858 they took his wife’s orphaned niece in to raise as their own.

Margaret married in 1850 and had two sons. Her husband fell in the Civil War, at which time she came to live with her stepmother and her stepmother’s two nieces, Anna and Sophie Savard.

The Quinlan family home at 18 Waverly Place:

Quinlan residence 18 Waverly Place