There are multiple connections between the earlier Wilderness series and The Gilded Hour. On this page you’ll find a series of family trees and a chronology. I hope you have fun exploring.

This preliminary chart should establish that Anna and Sophie are half first cousins, once removed. Note Sophie’s mother’s maiden name.


As Martha Kirby Bonner explains to Jack Mezzanotte shortly before Sophie Savard’s wedding, there are three branches of the Bonner family,  corresponding to Nathaniel Bonner’s three alliances:

The Somerville Line

At a young age Nathaniel spends time in Quebec and enters into a relationship with Giselle Somerville which results in the birth of his eldest child, Luc or Luke, whose name changes a number of times over the course of the novels.

The Wolf Line

Nathaniel’s first wife is  Sings-from-Books of the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk, who dies in childbirth at a young age. Hannah is the only child of that marriage who survives into adulthood.

The Middleton Line

Nathaniel’s second and final marriage is to Elizabeth Middleton. Four children of this union survive into adulthood.

Click for full size image. An asterisk indicates death during or following from the Civil War; a black box indicates no issue surviving into adulthood.

Freeman Family Tree

Click for full size.
Click for full size.

Savard Family Tree

Click for full size.
Click for full size.

Bonner Chronology


1. Not everybody is included here. It’s selective.

2. If you don’t find a name here, that doesn’t mean the person died an early death. It just means they are not on this chart.

3. The dots at the far right mean that individual is still alive when The Gilded Hour takes place.

4. Yes, a lot of men died in the Civil War.

5. I’ve had email asking whether any of Curiosity’s descendants are in the new novel. Sophie Savard is Curiosity’s great granddaughter, and Hannah’s granddaughter.  More information about Sophie’s family can be found on her page.

6. I often flip a coin to decide the fate of any given character. If I had my way, they’ll all still be alive and healthy. Which clearly won’t do. So remember, everybody is gone at this point. It’s a sad but inevitable truth.


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