Genealogy 3.0

There are multiple connections between the earlier Wilderness series novels and Waverly Place novels. On this page you’ll find notes and this link that takes you to a family tree for the entire Donati worldverse. Always a work in progress, of course. If the link gives you trouble, copy and paste:

On the linked page you can search, use the arrow keys to drag the tree, increase the size of the text. If you see a character with a dotted line above the box, clicking on it will take you to that part of the tree.  The whole thing won’t fit on a screen at once.

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Genealogy General Overview

As Martha Kirby Bonner explains to Jack Mezzanotte shortly before Sophie Savard’s wedding, there are three branches of the Bonner family,  corresponding to Nathaniel Bonner’s three alliances:

The Somerville Line

At a young age Nathaniel spends time in Quebec and enters into a relationship with Giselle Somerville which results in the birth of his eldest child, Luc or Luke, whose name changes a number of times over the course of the novels.

The Wolf Clan

Nathaniel’s first wife is  Sings-from-Books of the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk, who dies in childbirth at a young age. Hannah is the only child of that marriage who survives into adulthood.

The Middleton Line

Nathaniel’s second and final marriage is to Elizabeth Middleton. Four children of this union survive into adulthood.

Freeman Family Tree

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Savard Family Tree

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I’ve had email asking whether any of Curiosity’s descendants are in the new novel. Sophie Savard is Curiosity’s great granddaughter, and Hannah’s granddaughter.  More information about Sophie’s family can be found on her page.

I often flip a coin to decide the fate of any given character. If I had my way, they’ll all still be alive and healthy. Which clearly won’t do. So remember, everybody is gone at this point. It’s a sad but inevitable truth.


Polly Edwards deserves all praise and  credit.


6 Responses to Genealogy 3.0

  1. Rachel Henry says:

    Hi there. You mention in Where the light enters that Amalie is a half niece to Anna and Aunt to Sophie. I am missing something. I though she would be a first cousin to Anna?

  2. Laura Eggertson says:

    I am intrigued by the mention of an Alice Bonner on the geneology – did Nathaniel have a sister I somehow missed the mention of?

  3. Are you working on a follow up to Where the Light Enters? It seems that there is so much more to know about the lives of these characters in the first two books that I can hardly believe we will never see them again. Please say yes.

    • Hi Suzanne — I’m working on the third Waverly Place novel now. So if you can wait, you’ll see. In the meantime the novel coming out in April will build a bridge between Wilderness and Waverly.

      thank you for your kind thoughts about my work

  4. Tara Brink says:

    I have a question? Is Sophie’s fathers name Simon or Paul? It is listed as Simon on one tree and Paul on the other. Just a curiosity as it always helps me know connections when I read. I have read your Wilderness series several times and the Waverly book a couple and love them. Can’t wait for your new book!
    Thank you!

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