Fictional Characters

This list of all the fictional characters in the Wilderness and Waverly Place novels is not complete. It’s close to complete, but not quite there. Minor characters are supposed to be included (do you remember who Aaron Weiss was?).

Alphabetical by first name.

If a name is underscored, that means that there is at least the outline of a page for that person. See for example: Anna Savard, Ethan Middleton, Callie Wilde.

The process of setting up (and filling out) pages for so many characters is time consuming. Anyone interested in getting involved to lend a hand, please yell.


Aaron Weiss

Adam Scott Bonner

Alasdair Scott

Alasdair Scott Bonner

Alberto Mezzanotte

Alessandra Itri

Alessandro (Sandro) Mezzanotte

Alexander Mayfair

Alexander Scott Bonner

Alfonso Mezzanotte

Alfred Middleton

Alice Bonner

Almanzo (Manny) Freeman

Amanda Crofton

Amelie de la Seminole

Amelie Savard

Amos Todd

Amy Porter

Andrew Cooper

Angela Capiti

Anna Savard

Anne Belmont

Annie (Kenenstatsi) of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Anselm Verhoeven

Antonino Russo

Antonio Mezzanotte

Appalina Forbes

Arrighetto Mezzanotte

Augusta Middleton

Bambina Mezzanotte

Bea Mezzanotte

Beatrix of Pykeston

Bella Mezzanotte

Ben Martindale

Benedetto Mezzanotte

Bilhah Margulies

Blue-Jay (Tawit) of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Broderick Emerson Crofton

Bump Todd

Callie Wilde

Callie Ballentyne

Callum Wolf

Carina Mezzanotte

Carl Antonio Mezzanotte

Carl Cole

Carlo Mezzanotte

Carmela Braccio

Carmine Mezzanotte

Carrie Bonner

Catherine Jeanne Marie Trudeau

Celestina Mezzanotte

Chiara Mezzanotte

Constance Dehholm

Cora Munro

Curiosity (Birdie) Bonner

Curiosity Freeman

Daisy Freeman

Daisy Hench

Danaé Anne Martin

Hawkeye (Daniel) Bonner

Daniel Bonner

Daniel Bonner

Dolly Smythe

Elias Young

Lizzy Bonner

Eliza Savard

Elizabeth Middleton

Elizabeth Scott Bonner

Elizabeth Young

Emmanuel Bonner

Emmanuel Hench

Enzo Mezzanotte

Ercole Mezzanotte

Ethan Bonner

Ethan Witherspoon Middleton

Ewan Hunter

Falling Day of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Federico Mezzanotte

Filippo Mezzanotte

Fiona Scott Bonner

Frances Scott

Gabriel Bonner

Gabriel Oak

Galileo Freeman

George Middleton

George Somerville Lord Bainbridge

Georgio Mezzanotte

Geremio (Mimmo) Mezzanotte

Giacobbo (Jake) Mezzanotte

Giancarlo (Jack) Mezzanotte

Giorgio Mezzanotte

Giselle Somerville

Giuseppe Mezzanotte

Grace Wolf

Gregory Fisher

Hannah (Walks-Ahead) Bonner

Hannah Martindale

Hannah Scott Bonner

Harrison Quinlan

Hawk-Woman of the Mohawk Wolf clan

Helmut March

Henrietta Hancock

Henry Ballentyne Young

Henry de Guise Savard dit Saint-d’Uzet

Henry Savard

Hope Mayfair

Ignazio Mezzanotte

Iona Connery

Isabel Scott

Isabel Scott Bonner

Isaiah Kuick (Quick)

Jack Scott Bonner

Jacob Young

James (Jamie) Scott

James Bonner

Jason Martindale

Jay Bonner

Jean Ballentyne

Jean Fisher

Jean-Batiste Savard dit Saint-d’Uzet

Jean-Benoit (Ben) Savard dit Saint-d’Uzet

Jehuda (Jude) Mezzanotte

Jemima Southern

Jennet Bonner

Jennet Scott

Joe Mezzanotte

John Adams Young

John Savard

Joseph Little-Foot

Joshua Hench

Josiah Scott Bonner

Julia Simon

Julian Middleton

Katarina Pasini

Kate Ballentyne

Kate Fisher

Kateri of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Katherine (Kitty) Witherspoon

Leo Freeman

Leo Hench

Leonardo Mezzanotte

Lia Russo

Liam Bonner

Liam Kirby

Lily Bonner

Lily Cole

Liza Wolf

Lorenzo Mezzanotte

Loretta Bonano

Luca Mezzanotte

Lucy Hench

Luigi Antonio Mezzanotte

Luke Scott Bonner

Maddie (Blue) Ballentyne

Maddy (Mathilde Caroline) Clarke

Made-of-Bones of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Mairead Ballentyne

Makes-A-Fist of the Seneca

Many Doves of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Marco Mezzanotte

Margaret Montgomerie

Margaret Morton

Margaret Quinlan

Maria Spencer

Mariah Scott Bonner

Mariangela Ventimiglia

Marie Kanotawas

Marietta Elphinstone

Mario Mezzanotte

Martha Cole

Martha Corwin

Martha Kirby

Martha Scott Bonner

Martha Stanwood

Massimo Mezzanotte

Matteo Mezzanotte

Michael Bonner

Michael Bonner

Moses Southern

Nathan Ballentyne

Nathan Scott Bonner

Nathaniel Bonner

Nathaniel Martindale

Nicholas  Jr. Wilde

Nicholas Wilde

Pasquale Mezzanotte

Paul Savard dit Saint-d’Uzet

Paul Valentine Savard dit Saint-d’Uzet

Peter (Cap) Verhoeven

Philomena Urbino

Pierre Lacouer

Pierre Savard dit Saint-d’Uzet

Pietro Mezzanotte

Polly Freeman

Polpetto Mezzanotte

Quiet Son Bonner

Quiet-Waters of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Rachel Bassani

Rachel Livingston

Richard Todd

Robbie Bonner

Robert (Robbie) Bonner

Robert Livingston

Robert Scott

Robert Scott

Roderick Scott

Rosa Russo

Runs from Bears of the Mohawk Turtle Clan

Sally Munro

Samuel Todd

Samuel Todd

Sara Bonaguida

Sarah Wolf

Sawatis of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Selah Mae Freeman

Selah Voyager

Silvio Mezzanotte

Simon Ballentyne

Simon Savard

Simon Young

Sings-from-Books (Sarah) of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Solange Hench

Sophie Élodie Savard

Strikes-Hard of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Strikes-the-Sky of the Seneca Hawk Clan

Strong-Words (Otter) of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Susana Cappo

Susanna Mayfair

Susannah Scott Bonner

Taddeo Mezzanotte

Therese of the Mohawk Turtle Clan

Tobias Bonner

Ulisse Mezzanotte

Vincenzo Mezzanotte

Walter Campbell

William Spencer

Winifred Graves

Yaron Bassani

Yellow-Throat of the Mohawk Wolf Clan

Zachary Satekarenkes