Characters Appearing in The Gilded Hour

All characters, major, minor and transitory, appearing in The Gilded Hour, entered in no particular order. Women are listed by maiden  name + married name.

Status: F=fictional H-historical *indicates that a full character sketch has been or will be begun.

MarthaKirby BonnerW4 W6 GHWife of Daniel BonnerF*
KathleenHawkinsGHNurse, demoted by AnnaF
Sister FrancisXavierGHSisters of Charity. Procuratrix, St. Patrick’s Orphan AsylumF
AnthonyComstockGHSecretary, New York Society for the Suppression of Vice; postal inspectorH*
 JackMezzanotteGHDetective Sergeant NYPD F*