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It’s hard to underestimate — it’s hard even to fully  imagine — the extremes of poverty and wealth in Manhattan in the late 19th century. The homeless — children and adults — were legion. The city was so crowded with people … Continue reading

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The government of the city knew about the connection between poor health and poverty, and they knew too that the biggest part of the problem was the unsanitary conditions in tenement districts where almost all newly arrived immigrants found themselves. As … Continue reading

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Madison Square

  Madison Square and Madison Square Garden are, as is clear from this map, two different destinations. Madison Square was commercial, and home to many of the city’s most exclusive stores.   From Wikipedia: On May 10, 1847 Madison Square Park … Continue reading

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Flatiron Building

This excellent photo can be found at Ephemeral New York: an 1884 shot of the corner where the Flatiron building now stands. A big, clear, detailed photo like this is a rarity. The 1902 Flat Iron building is iconic, as … Continue reading

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