Where the Light Enters

The second novel in this newer series is called Where the Light Enters. And I’m still writing it. I hope to be finished by the end of the summer 2017. Then it’s up to the publisher to get it ready and out there, which does take a while.

It’s very gratifying that you are here looking for information about the next book. Please be assured I’m writing as fast as I can. Really, I promise.



34th Street

Crossing Fifth Avenue 1889
Crossing Fifth Avenue 1889



Looking for the sequel?


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This page is the gateway to something more like a wiki, which is generally understood to be a community-generated and maintained website where information is shared. This wiki is a little different: I set it up to organize all the research materials I’ve collected while writing The Gilded Hour. It has many wiki-like features, in that topics relevant to the novel are posted to pages, which are in turn grouped into subject areas. Links in the text will take you to the relevant page. Try putting the word ‘Vanderbilt’ into the search box and see what wiki articles show up. If you are interested in getting involved in the evolution of this wiki, please contact me.

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