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The Gilded Hour book jacketIf you’re looking for the first novel in the new series by Sara Donati (aka Rosina Lippi), you’re in the right place.  Select “the novel” in the menu above to get started.

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This page is the gateway to something more like a wiki, which is generally understood to be a community-generated and maintained website where information is shared. This wiki is a little different: I set it up to organize all the research materials I’ve collected while writing The Gilded Hour. It has many wiki-like features, in that topics relevant to the novel are posted to pages, which are in turn grouped into subject areas. Links in the text will take you to the relevant page. Try putting the word ‘Vanderbilt’ into the search box and see what wiki articles show up. If you are interested in getting involved in the evolution of this wiki, please contact me.

On FaceBook there is my  personal page (if you must know about my politics) but more relevant and possibly interesting is the Sara Donati page on Facebook and the Booktalk page for The Gilded Hour.

The Wilderness series novels and the Rosina Lippi novels are also discussed there on occasion in a dedicated chat room/discussion group (located here). You will have to register to participate.

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the author


Rosina Lippi is a former academic and tenured university professor. Since 2000 she has been writing and researching, haunting the intersection where history and storytelling meet. She does this by wallowing in 19th century newspapers, magazines and and street maps and consuming a lot of academic historical research. And she never gets bored with any of it.

Most writers of historical fiction are obsessive-compulsive. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

As Sara Donati she is the author of the Wilderness series, six historical novels that follow the fortunes of a group of families living in the vast forests in upstate New York from about 1792-1825, with particular attention to the War of 1812. Her newest novel about the Bonner family (forthcoming 2015 with Berkley Books) is The Gilded Hour which jumps ahead two generations to follow Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bonner’s grand- and great granddaughters into the twentieth century.

Jimmy Dean, pupper of the Havanese variety

Rosina writes contemporary novels (and academic work, for example here). The majority of her book reviews can be found at Goodreads; you can also find her on Facebook and (less often) Twitter (@RosinaLippi). She lives on Puget Sound with her husband, daughter, a rambunctious dog and murderous cat.

Sara lives with Rosina and her family, but refuses to answer the phone, do windows or make herself useful in any way at all.